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If you are intending to go on the blessed journey of Umrah, we highly recommend that you prepare yourself by learning the method of the rituals & the necessary knowledge needed to carry out the acts of Umrah in the propper manner.

Book a training session for yourself or for a group setting (family, friends circle, Umrah tour groups) & make yourself ready to partake in the blessed journey of Umrah.

The training covers all aspects of the blessed journey from preparation for travels to reaching the blessed lands & return back home.
Practical based learning.

The session covers;

  • Preparing for the travel - What is needed?

  • Ihraam practical & tips

  • Journey from home to Miqaat

  • Reaching Jeddah

  • Jeddah to Makkah

  • Umrah rituals (Tawaaf, Sai'e, ZamZam, Maqaam-ul-Ibrahim)

  • Specific Duas

  • Visit to Medinah

  • Journey back home

Learn, experience & love


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